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The description is currently updated for the upcoming major demo.

We're currently preparing the last bits of the demo, and we're very excited to release it soon!

Our Discord server has a lot more sneak peeks than Game Jolt! Join and stay up-to-date with the behind the scenes! https://discord.gg/xeUmC3D


Welcome to Codename: Determination! An online UNDERTALE fangame inspired by @afanguy's MYSTERYTALE ONLINE, and @RickyG's Undertale: Don't Forget.

Codename: Determination allows you and other players to socialize and play together in a custom universe!

Note: There is no lore-based content yet, nor are there plans for lore.

Become a human or monster and roam the city of Ebott! Become friends with the locals, own your very own home, and more to come!

What it has to offer!

  • Cloud Servers: Dedicated servers for English-only speakers and foreign speakers!
  • Player Homes: You’ll have your very own room for you and your friends!
  • Open-World: There will be an entire city to explore, plus more in the world. Only City Hall in the current demo!
  • Rich Presence: Everyone on Discord can know what you're up to!
  • Cloud Save: All your data is saved in the cloud with Game Jolt!

(Undertale by Toby-Fox)

#undertale #online #multiplayer #unity #singleplayer #fangame
#rpg #android


CN:D Reborn 1.1.0 (Windows Version) 34 MB
CN:D Reborn 1.1.0 (MacOS Version) 39 MB
CN:D Reborn 1.1.0 (Linux Version) 48 MB
CN:D Reborn 1.1.0 (Android APK) 44 MB

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I need help when I made an account on Game Jolt Cause I need one to play...

I tried to log in but it said Incorrect username or whatever.

So I switched my password and tried again.  It didn't work. I need help.

Do not use your Game Jolt Password. All Game Jolt accounts are given a game key. You use that to sign into Game Jolt API games.

Has anyone had trouble downloading build 7 of this game?

(1 edit)

An error occured in my CODENAME: Determination Reborn:

The game only loads the first screen that you see when you open the game.

Version: Windows

Sprites cant look up or down...

Can't launch the game



wasd and t to talk

I want to play it so badly!