A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Disclaimer! The game is currently in early-development. There are bound to be bugs, unfinished features and overall weird things in the game. Everything is subject to change.

We also have a server! Join in! Please? https://discord.gg/xeUmC3D!


Once upon a time, HUMANs and GOATs once ruled the overworld. The HUMANs,
terrified at the magical powers the GOATs withheld, declared war. After years and months of battles after battles, the HUMANs and GOATs declared a truce. The GOATs, filled with relief and excitement, carried on with their ordinary lives with the
HUMANs. However, the HUMANs were planning to betray the GOATs. Capturing all the GOATs in all the villages, the HUMANs forced the GOATs to stay underground.
Trapped behind a magical barrier, the GOATs were filled with anger, sadness, and
disbelief. Many brave explorers travel Mt. Baa, however, none came back to tell
the tale.

Welcome to CODENAME: Determination! An online UNDERTALE fangame inspired by @afanguy's MYSTERYTALE ONLINE, and @RickyG's Undertale: Don't Forget.

CODENAME: Determination allows you and your friends (and anyone else) to play together inside of a undertale-like universe with different characters and zones all unique in their own way!

What it has to offer!

  • 20-player Dedicated Server!
  • Undertale Dialog-Box Chatting and UNDERNET Chatting
  • 2+ Places (Wow!)
  • Discord Rich Presence (Windows Only)
  • Game Jolt Statistics (Use your GJ Token to sign in :D)


Not every skin listed are available as of now.

< < < - - -Undertale by Toby-Fox - - - > > >


CN:D Reborn 1.1.0 (Windows Version) 34 MB
CN:D Reborn 1.1.0 (MacOS Version) 39 MB
CN:D Reborn 1.1.0 (Linux Version) 48 MB
CN:D Reborn 1.1.0 (Android APK) 44 MB

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An error occured in my CODENAME: Determination Reborn:

The game only loads the first screen that you see when you open the game.

Version: Windows

Sprites cant look up or down...

Can't launch the game



wasd and t to talk

I want to play it so badly!